The protestation of the ‘blah blah blah’

You see them all over the place. In letters to the editor, in comments section of blogs (like ours), on Facebook. The complaints of folks who are fed up! Have had it! Know that the Constitution and the Party Platform are being ignored by elected and appointed officials! And these complaints are constant and much the same and bitter.

Often they are not grounded in reality such as “Vote them all out!” — Really? Do you have a candidate identified for every Statehouse member in your county?

Many times the complaints are comprehensible in theory but absolutely not in fact, at least not in our current political climate. “Impeach Obama!” Seriously? Have you seen the corruption of the Senate by Harry Reid? Can you write down in list form the exact steps you would take in January 2014 to impeach this president?

You all know what I’m talking about. And the frustration for me is, when there are actual concrete action items that can be taken … In Spartanburg … Right now … To accomplish some things that I hear constant rumblings about … personal property rights … education reform … adherence to platform and voting accordingly … I don’t see people putting feet, time, and talent to their anguish and complaints.

I think we are ready to channel our complaints and frustration into actionable items. Things we have within our control to impact and change. There is no action item, no hope for substantial change in just sharing your knowledge about how things SHOULD BE!

For a year I asked folks to run for school board seats for the November 2013 election cycle.

For 2 years I’ve been asking folks to get yourselves appointed to local board and commissions as a way to impact our county.

For several cycles I’ve been educating on the importance of growing our local party through precinct reorganization and bringing more conservatives into the position of being voting members of the Republican Party by becoming precinct delegates.

I congratulate that there were some who picked themselves up out of complaint-ville and made this happen! Cibby Krell has an appointed position! Steven Long has an appointed position! Carol Corson has an appointed position!

But there are SO many vacancies that we can take.

Not one person that I know of took a serious run at a school board seat in November.

And only three people showed up yesterday to walk a precinct in Boiling Springs to talk with GOP Primary voters about having a voice and a vote in the Spartanburg Republican Party.

Spartanburg Tea Party. We are four years old. We have accomplished much. Our county has felt the impact of our involvement, both locally and in Columbia.

It is time to move beyond complaining and wishing that “someone will do something!” There’s no point in learning about good governance … knowing what our platform says … having the skills and talents that I KNOW we have in our county … and thinking that activism is just complaining and pointing out what someone else … either a leader or an elected official … should be doing.

In 2014 I’m going to ask more. I’m going to ask for more solutions to situations you complain about. Implementable solutions. I’m going to ask for more involvement from those of you who I know can contribute. Can serve. Can plan. Can speak. I’m going to ask more of you to bring your time, resources, talents to campaigns, trips to Columbia, attendance at Council meetings.

Our precinct walking schedule is:
• Boiling Springs HS precinct walk: Saturday January 11 and February 8, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 2251 Old Furnace Road
• Chapman Elementary precinct walk: Saturday January 18 and February 22, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 230 Bryant Rd
• Mountain View Baptist precinct walk: Saturday January 25 and March 1, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 5555 Parris Bridge Rd

The next county council meeting is Monday January 27, committee meetings at 4 PM, general meeting at 5:30 pm

The next Spartanburg delegation meeting is Monday February 3 at 5:30 pm.

CLICK HERE for a list of board/commission vacancies.

CLICK HERE for an application form.

In February I expect we will hear about volunteer opportunities for several campaigns of candidates for local and state office, who will bring YOUR voice to good governance that is currently not listening to your voice. There will doors to knock, signs to put up, funds to raise, events to help at.

Send an email to telling me I’m asking too much of you.

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  1. Pam Shumway - January 19, 2014

    Karen, Excellent article! We have much to do in our own county — McCormick. We’ll have boots on the ground, door-knocking, & calling banks that’ll make you envious! You do a terrific job. Do you have time to come to lunch & speak to Republican Women before the primary? Can you call me 864-378-2604? If not, I’ll call you. Pam Shumway

  2. Karen Martin - January 19, 2014

    sure, I’ll come hang out. call me anytime 864.384.7558

  3. David Martin - January 19, 2014

    When you have a walk-in in the Larkin or Fairmont community neighborhoods on Nazareth/Nazareth Church Roads,South Main Street or Howard Street to Heron Circle and not some lilly-white neighborhood full of old folks then I’ll take you folks seriously

    Quit cherry-picking and make a REAL difference

    Get some pot-holes patched while you’re at it

  4. Karen Martin - January 19, 2014

    Since I’ve personally walked Nazareth Church roads … twice … I guess by your own admission you’ll take me seriously now. Oh HA who are we kidding? Anyone who spews racist crap dividing our efforts by designating “lilly-white” neighborhoods … can’t be bothered.

  5. David Martin - January 20, 2014

    Dear Ms. Martin:

    For you information, my parents have lived on Nazareth Road since 1969 when we moved down from West Virginia when I was 16 years old.

    I lived there for around 20 years myself (not counting Army time during Vietnam,out of state college under the old GI bill and living in North Carolina and Greenville,SC after I graduated, held jobs and living on my own dime.

    I consider Nazareth Church Road AND Nazareth Road my home turf even though I have been living in Northern Spartanburg County since 1985. I visit my parents just about every day since I work in Duncan and their home (on Nazareth Road) is just a few miles away.

    Too bad you don’t know the difference between Nazareth Church Road AND Nazareth Road. But since you claim to have personally walked “Nazareth Church Roads” not once but twice I’ll leave it for others to decide your credibility on that matter.

    Since my mother is a “yellow dog” Democrat, I can guarantee you that if you or your Tea Party associates had visited my parents house (on Nazareth Road) you would have gotten an ear full from a good strong mountain woman who was a girl during the Great Depression and the two pictures above their stove were of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John L. Lewis. I remember seeing those pictures in everyone’s house vividly.

    No doubt if you had set foot inside their house to discuss Tea Party dogma I would have heard about it. I asked her and my dad(he’s apolitical and I’m an Independent myself) about any visits from Tea party or other political visitors and they told me no one visited them. I asked their next door neighbors the same thing and again, the same answer.

    As a matter of fact, I can’t recall ANYONE visiting their house to talk about political matters or soliciting votes. Now Jehovah Witness, Mormons and dudes hawking satellite TV are another matter…….

    As far as “spewing racist crap”….

    Please,please,please…….the right wing tactic of Judo/pivot with that retort is so played and so expected……….

    That old chestnut went out the window some time back along with “class warfare”

    Now about those potholes and doing something about that damn $25 road fee that you boy Roger Nutt is so afraid to tackle………

    Those are efforts I can relate to, appreciate and take seriously………..

    Wishing you nothing but good will even if y’all are so sadly misguided and clueless about how the world is evolving…….. there’s nothing that you,the Tea party or myself can do to stop the evolution of events.

    As a proud “Boomer” I love watching “Leave It To Beaver” and Andy Griffith as much as anyone but even back then that was not how real life was.

    The way I see it going it will either be a “Brave New World” or “Soylent Green”


    David Martin

  6. Pam Shumway - January 21, 2014

    To David Martin: “lily-white” is an invective that suggests racial bias. You could have made your point by writing “well-heeled” or “affluent.” Descriptions in economic terms are safely neutral. Every word a person writes or speaks contains tone & purpose. Choose accordingly & wisely. (English education is my profession) I enjoyed reading your bio. You have a great life. BTW the Tea Party advocates promote intact families, faith in God, Constitutional government (i.e. limited), a balanced budget, military strength, & a market economy. Are you a proponent of something else??? These principles work for me AND our country, not what always-campaigning-and-talking-by-TelePrompTer Obama is doing. I couldn’t be more disappointed. The man never stops giving speeches that resound with “you are naughty un-American children obstructing my policies and you don’t like me because I’m black.” Can you imagine Angela Merkel saying “lots of people don’t like me because I’m a pudgy white woman?” Dignitaries and statesmen don’t ever bring such tinseltown drama into their leadership!! I’m appalled at Obama’s petty thinking and non-leadership. I defend the grassroots tea party effort to get America on track through informed voting. Lincoln said, “We the people are the rightful masters of Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert it.” Obama has violated his oath of office at least 8 times and Eric Holder is officially “in contempt” of Congress. Hillary traveled over a million miles to keep herself out of Washington & accomplished nothing except foreign appearances and TALKING. She didn’t secure a single deal or negotiation. This lawlessness & incompetence go beyond the political scope of ANY OTHER US PRESIDENT, including Bush! You seem to be a supporter! Take a better look at the Tea Party movement. You’ll like what you discover. We’re not milquetoast. Pam Shumway

  7. Karen Martin - January 21, 2014

    Talk about a huge lurch left into irrelevancy. Now, everyone loves a good story about someone’s mother. However, let me pull this back to the original post, before it veered into a full on tantrum. The original post was about

    “… walk a precinct in Boiling Springs to talk with GOP Primary voters about having a voice and a vote in the Spartanburg Republican Party”

    To which we were cautioned that we would not be taken seriously until we …

    “have a walk-in in the Larkin or Fairmont community neighborhoods on Nazareth/Nazareth Church Roads”

    to which I pointed out that I had indeed walked Nazareth Church Roads at least twice. (for those of you unfamiliar with Nazareth Church Road, it is a long road that crosses Reidville Road. So when we make plans to door knock we refer to “which road are you going to? The road with the llamas and the cat lady house on this side of Reidville? Or the road where the church is on that side of Reidville? hence the referring to Nazareth Church Roads)

    then like any good lib, the goal posts move!!! and tantrum ensued.

    The reason you didn’t “hear about” any visits from me or my associates from family on Nazareth Church Road … try to stay with me … go back to the original post … we are visiting REPUBLICAN PRIMARY HOUSES. If your mother is a “yellow dog” Democrat, well then we wouldn’t have knocked on her door. Would we?

    Additionally … again try to follow … from the original post … we are looking to connect with people to encourage them to participate in the Republican party by bringing them to…

    “the position of being voting members of the Republican Party by becoming precinct delegates”

    Again. Not knocking on doors of Democrats on Nazareth Church Road to find people to become precinct delegates in the Republican party. Simple logic.

    And nowhere in the original post do I advocate or encourage anyone to do precinct walks to discuss the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not a political party. The efforts we are making in the precinct walks are to build the Republican party. Many of our members, including me, hold local offices in the Spartanburg County GOP. If any of my volunteers were to start talking about the tea party while we are tasked to do GOP outreach I’d remind them to stay on task.

    (I somehow suspect these clarifications will to unrecognized.)

  8. Karen Martin - January 21, 2014

    And for good measure I’ve also walked the Fairmont neighborhoods. All those little winding roads, some not quite paved. Some go uphill quite severely. I’ve spoken several times with the lady up at the top with the little dog who sits out in the road where you have to stop your car and speak nicely so he/she will move. I’ve had chats with folks with the goats. We’ve knocked on the doors of that little section right off Fairmont that runs parallel with the road, about 6 or 7 houses total. I chatted with the neighbors of the guy on East Fairmont whose building burned down 2 years ago. Also the lady with the German Shepherds. And her next door neighbors who took over their house from her daddy who passed. Yep. I’ve chatted with all of them.

  9. Roger Nutt - January 21, 2014

    Mr. Martin, I take all subjects seriously, including the two that you mentioned: The $25 Road Fee, and Potholes. I have also walked the TR Precinct and have made numerous phone calls there as well. I have had many calls concerning pot holes in your area and have made sure that all were corrected within days. If you have some on county roads that you are concerned about, please email or call and I will do my best to get them corrected. Since you are concerned like I am about the $25 road fee, I am curious as to how you would now come up with the $5.6M to replace it – as you have noted, we can’t spend any less on roads. It was a terrible idea back when it was done and I still think it is a terrible idea. I am looking at several ideas that may make this happen, but I’m curious as to your opinion. Please feel free to email me @

  10. David Martin - January 24, 2014

    Mr. Nutt:

    Forgive me for not responding sooner.

    You may not recall but you and I discussed the “Road Fee” over the telephone about a year ago.

    If my memory serves correct you told me that you were not in favor of the “fee” (as stated above) but that other things were on your plate and changes to the hated “fee’ would have to be accomplished in increments and a lot of members on County Council had put the matter to rest.

    Mr. Nutt over a year has passed and to my knowledge absolutely no incremental changes have transpired.

    I have several alternatives myself but I am requesting you go on public record with your alternatives to the $25 road “fee” at the next county council meeting if you are sincere about changing the status quo.


    David Martin (Property owner & tax payer on Nazareth Road)

  11. Roger Nutt - January 24, 2014

    Mr. Martin, at this point and time I don’t have the votes to do what needs to be done to change the road fee. There is absolutely no point in grandstanding for the press and further alienating any that may go along with proposals in the future. Reducing the fee by $5 per year in conjunction with recoupment of our Local Government Fund that is by law owed to us by the state is certainly one viable option. Right now we don’t have the votes nor the $ to do it so it will do more harm than good to propose it.

    As for the status quo, I will let the people judge my record concerning that. I’ve been accused of many things but being part of status quo has not been one of them.

  12. David Martin - January 24, 2014

    Dear Ms. Martin:

    Don’t know where to really start but a few things:

    1.Those llamas: I baled hay on that property in 1969-1970 for 75 cents/hour

    2.Fairmont: You went past two or three houses that need financial help but were focused on political matters in the name of political matters.

    3.Everywhere you visited was 100% lilly white (there I said it – I don’t have to be politically correct)

    What is the saying the far right is so fond of? “You know when someone has lost the argument when they get personal or toss names”

    “Then like ANY GOOD LIB”……..

    You’re a liberal if:

    1.You have supported a total reorganization of the IRS to a combination of flat tax & national sales tax since your high school civics class debate in 1970.

    2. You believe in the death penalty within 30 days with no appeal for child molesters who have been convicted beyond any shadow of a doubt (Like the Sandusky case).

    3. You believe in the death penalty within 30 days for rapists who are convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    3. You believe in 15 years first offense without any parole for housebreaking. Second offense = death penalty

    4. A total end to ethanol additives in commercial gasoline and no federal subsidies

    5. National Service for men and women at 18 years of age. If you serve in the military for 3-5 years, complete payment of college debts or the GI Bill (whichever applies)

    6. Legalization AND taxation of recreational drugs and prostitution. OOPS, that’s more a Libertarian thing but I couldn’t leave that out(spend over a year in the desert and you will know why someone would feel that way.)

    I’m such a liberal that I served 25 years in the United States Armed Forces (3 years active duty in the Army & 22 years in the Air National Guard – I am a Vietnam era,Gulf I,Bosnia,& Gulf II veteran). I served in uniform under 7 presidents(Nixon,Ford,Reagan,Bush I,Clinton,Bush II, and Obama) before I retired in 2010.

    Yep,you got me tagged….I’m a liberal all right!!!

    Where did you get off being so presumptuous?

    But than again, there isn’t too much difference between Tea Party types and liberals

    Both sides let their dogma get in the way of common sense…

  13. Karen Martin - January 24, 2014

    David “I’ll take you seriously when you walk Nazareth Church Roads and Fairmont community”

    Karen “I’ve walked Nazareth Church Roads twice, AND Fairmont community, let me describe the terrain and people I’ve spoken with as corroboration”

    David “more disgruntlement and complaining, deflecting and moving the goal posts, ignoring his earlier assertion of taking serious based on his own criteria”

    Karen “conclusion he just wanted to complain without any substance. Moving on”

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