Have you talked with your legislator lately?

The legislative session opened last week and there was some movement on some bills/issues right away. Restaurant Carry. Government Restructuring.

And there are some bills coming up that we all know about. Common Core. H3101 re: Obamacare.

It is oft-repeated among conservative circles … “Contact your legislator about xxxx and yyyy.” And yet, I wonder as this legislative session opens…

How often are folks in the Spartanburg Tea Party contacting their legislators? Are you assuming your legislator is voting the way you want? Do you know if your legislators is a co-sponsor of either S300 or H3943 the Anti-Common Core bills? Do you know if your legislator understands the Common Core issue?

How about SC Supreme Court Justice Jean Toal? She forced the Governor to request the Federal Stimulus money in 2009. Her court kicked more than 200 challengers off the ballot in 2012. She wrote the decision that gutted Stand Your Ground protection in South Carolina in 2013. YOUR legislator will take a vote on whether or not she serves another term. Have you had a conversation with him/her about this?

I aim to bring you as much information about bills and issues in Columbia as quickly as I can. And I assure you … I stay in touch with my legislators. Bill Chumley and I speak perhaps once a week. Lee Bright … well he’s been a little busy, but he is very proactive in letting his constituents know via Twitter and Facebook where he stands on upcoming bills, and I check in with him when I’m not sure.

I find myself wondering about the rest of our Spartanburg Delegation. If you live in Mike Forrester’s district do you know where he stand on bills important to you? Is he fighting for you, co-sponsoring bills that impact your family? Or just voting when they cross his desk? How about Reps. Wood, Tallon, Allison, Cole, Brannon? Do they know who you are? Do you call to thank and encourage them when they take a vote that represents you and your family? Do they consider you a resource, someone they can call to take the pulse of their constituents, have a conversation about legislation with?

Even though Shane Martin and Tom Corbin are not my Senators, I keep in touch with both of the also, as they do represent Spartanburg. Is anyone keeping up with Senator Peeler close to his Spartanburg district?

In the upper right corner of the Spartanburg Tea Party website is a link you can click with contact info for our delegation. Always there, very convenient! Good governance is a partnership, between a legislator and their constituents. Do your part!

The Spartanburg County Delegation meets quarterly, these meetings are open to the public. The next Delegation meeting is Monday, February 3, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m. It will be at the County Council chambers on Church Street. They’ll be there. You be there. Partnership.

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  1. David Martin - January 19, 2014

    Doug Brannon is my local SC Rep and is a good man. We have have several conversations and he is a common sense person who represents this part of northern Spartanburg county and our independent non party line values and ideas

    Tom Corbin could care less about the slice of Spartanburg County he was ASSIGNED to represent.

    I live in the “Dark Corner” region and I have yet to see him visit this area.

    All he cares about is Greenville County

  2. Karen Martin - January 19, 2014

    conspiracy everywhere!!

  3. WT Clark - January 20, 2014

    Emailed Shane and Lee last week. Since you’re much more connected to them than the average TP person, what is the best way IYO to contact them, email, phone, letter in the mail? I’ve done it all.

  4. Karen Martin - January 20, 2014

    T, I’ve used email and text.

  5. James Diggs - January 20, 2014

    Have sent emails to both my Senator and my Representative today and in the past. Usually always get an answer.
    I’m in Greenville County

  6. Cliff Roberts - January 20, 2014

    I use email a lot, with mixed results. I usually get some response but many times it takes a couple weeks. At least they eventually get my message. There’s only one that I feel comfortable calling.

    Also, David is almost right about Corbin…he is focused on Travelers Rest, and not the rest of Greenville County, apparently. I have friends in Greer (Greenville County side) that are NOT happy with him, so it’s not just the Dark Corner. I’m told that they feel he just “blows them off” (like Shoopman before him) when they contact him.

  7. James T Sparks - January 20, 2014

    They won’t talk back to me. Harvey Peeler has been in too long. And the two Mosses (Steve and Dennis) are lost.

  8. Carol Martin - January 20, 2014

    I always get responses from Mike Forrester and Shane Martin, unless I tell them that no response is necessary.

  9. David Martin - January 20, 2014

    Mr. Roberts:

    Thanks for the back-up but according to Ms. Martin it is some kind of “conspiracy” whatever that means………

    Shoopman was the first one assigned after “redistricting”. The deal was struck leaving the citizens of NW Spartanburg County out on a limb as far as Senate representation goes.

    Nothing to Shoopman at all, he cut and ran what little time he was our “Senator” (such that he was)

    Actually the ONLY politician or someone representing a political party/cause I can recall visiting my home was Doug Brannon. Actually he didn’t VISIT my home, I caught him trying to put up an election sign by my driveway. I went down to make him take it up because I’m an Independent and NOT a Republican. But after I saw how hard he was sweating and how harried he looked,I felt sorry for him. We talked a bit and I let the sign stay. I actually ended up voting for him and sending a small check to his campaign.

    What few times I’ve contacted him, he has returned my calls right away and seems genuinely sincere. His family used to run a nice restaurant on the NC line some years back.

    Brannon’s a damn sight better than that slug Joey Millwood that’s for sure…….

  10. Karen Martin - January 21, 2014

    heh heh. Not my conspiracy. I was mocking the comment that someone thinks Senator Tom Corbin was “assigned” to represent Spartanburg County.

    He was elected the same way any other Senators was elected. More people voted for him than for his opponents.

    If anyone has any evidence … not conjecture … that he was assigned I say that’s probably actionable! Lawyers should be hired!

  11. Cliff Roberts - January 21, 2014

    Not to put words in others mouths, but by “assigned” I believe many object to the way redistricting was done. What was opined at the time was that Bright and Shoopman used redistricting to trade areas that were more favorable to them (Shoopman had Greer trouble and Bright had Holly Springs trouble). Their explanations of why the county was split didn’t satisfy some people. Since the Spartanburg County part of District 5 is relatively small, many in that area have felt neglected and separated from the rest of the county.

    Also, the way Shoopman quit and recruited (assigned?) Corbin to run (well after filing had closed), and the way the state party handled the re-filing period left many suspicious. Actually, that whole election cycle was a fiasco…

    I almost feel sorry for Corbin. With his district crossing county lines, he has to deal with Greenville and Spartanburg Tea Parties, women’s groups, delegation meetings, etc. It’s double the work.

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