Pickens County Republican Party censures Lindsey Graham

As reported by Steve Haynie:

The Pickens County Republican Party passed a resolution in support of censure of Lindsey Graham on Thursday night.

Before the meeting members of Lindsey Graham’s staff distributed handouts to everyone in attendance. The handouts gave explanations, clarifications, rebuttals, and we could perhaps say “debunking” of each grievance listed in the resolution. Most people read through those handouts.

The chairman allotted 30 minutes of discussion to both supporters and detractors of the resolution. Only one person spoke against the resolution, and he made a good argument to not vote for the resolution. NO ONE spoke in favor of the resolution.

We voted. Only two people voted against the resolution. Three abstained. Eighteen people voted in favor of the resolution. The people in the room were the members of the Republican Party who actively work within the party framework. They do not simply complain and wish things would change. These people work to keep the Republican Party true to the conservative planks of its platform. The sentiment of these elected representatives of the county voting precincts was overwhelmingly about letting Lindsey Graham know they are dissatisfied with his actions as a Republican U.S. Senator.

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  1. John Schafer - January 17, 2014

    I would like to point out that no one spoke in favor of the resolution because it simply was not needed. The resolution speaks for itself. I am proud of what we did last night.

  2. Voice from ...The Resistance - January 17, 2014

    Lindsey Graham has no principles to principle
    compromise with.
    Principle compromise must be a statist new term
    for surrender, of your liberty to the federal
    government, of the Constitution to the socialist
    communist , of our nation to illegal aliens.

    Benidict Arnold Adolf Hitler Machiavellian
    Graham was elected to preserve, protect, and
    defend. But he preserves , protects, and defends

    Censure him at the ballot box!!

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