Greenwood County is well served by spay/neuter organization

Greenwood County is well served by high quality/high volume spay/neuter clinic in Spartanburg SC … From the Humane Society of Greenwood County Facebook page:

TERRIFIC NEWS! Forty-two dogs and cats went on today’s free transport to Animal Allies to be spayed/neutered — a record! We are so thankful to all the pets’ owners who participated in the low-cost spay/neuter program. They are helping to prevent unwanted litters from ending up at the animal shelter. Give them all a shout out!

Call Rep. David Hiot at (803) 734-3323, or email him in Columbia at Ask him to take his name of House Bill H3492. Preserve the business model of the spay/neuter clinics that serve our communities!

Let the free market work!

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  1. Bhargava Kondaveeti - January 18, 2014

    What is the connection between H3492 and the Spay/Neuter organization?

  2. Karen Martin - January 18, 2014

    H3492 would interfere with the business model and ability to use awarded grants of spay/neuter organizations.

    Here is info…


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