Fight against Common Core flares in South Carolina

Jamie Self at reports on Common Core. My pals Johnnelle Raines and Linda Ensor and now Michelle Wiles are very involved in these efforts. If you want to learn more about what YOU can do to fight Common Core, holler and I’ll hook you up.

South Carolina Tea Party groups — warning of an overreaching federal government and massive privacy invasions — are joining calls nationwide to derail education standards called Common Core.

“It doesn’t matter if I like them. It doesn’t matter if you like them or if they like them. We can’t do anything about it,” said Linda Ensor of Summerville, who organized several Tea Party groups to travel to Columbia Wednesday to urge the state Board of Education to rethink its 2010 adoption of Common Core.

South Carolina voluntarily adopted Common Core — K-12 education standards in math, reading and language arts. The standards outline what students should know and know how to do at every grade level.

Critics of Common Core, including state schools Superintendent Mick Zais, say the standards were adopted hastily by a select few and are a “one-size-fits-all solution that won’t serve students well.”

In South Carolina, some object to the fact that two appointed, not elected, education boards adopted the standards.

The state Board of Education and the Education Oversight Committee, the state’s education accountability and policy research arm, adopted the standards. Both boards are appointed by lawmakers and the governor.

Other critics, including state Board of Education member Michael Brenan, say states adopted the standards under the gun of the federal government. President Barack Obama and his Education Department “made no secret that national standards are a priority of their education agenda,” Brenan said in 2010, before voting against the standards.


#1 Mick Zais is against Common Core

#2 Obama is for Common Core

no brainer, eh?

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  1. Mike Vasovski - June 18, 2013

    Common Core was the topic of most discussion at the Aiken County Tea Party’s meeting last night. Thanks for the link.

    Aiken’s Tea Party is planning a symposium/debate on Common Core and will be inviting people from the school administration to participate.

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