Best info I’ve ever seen on Common Core Standards

We’ve posted some info on Common Core Standards and had a great guest speaker back in the Fall. But today I read this blog by Alyson Williams at WhatIsCommonCore and has to share. This is one you want to bookmark. This fight is huge and misinformation, heck NONINFORMATION is our enemy.

This is a very small excerpt from this awesome article, please go read it. Share it. Save it.

Question: “How much will this cost?”

Answer: “These are really good standards.”

Question: “I read that the Algebra that was offered in 8th grade, will now not be offered until 9th grade. How is this a higher standard?”

Answer: “These are better standards. They go deeper into concepts.”

Question: “Was there a public meeting that I missed?”

Answer: “You should really read the standards. This is a good thing.”

Question: “Isn’t it against the Constitution and the law of the land to have a national curriculum under the control of the federal government?’

Answer: “Don’t you want your kids to have the best curriculum?”

It got to the point where I felt like I was talking to Jedi masters who, instead of actually answering my questions, would wave their hand in my face and say, “You will like these standards.”

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