With info from Business Insider.com:

Yesterday Barack Obama’s twitter account sent this out:

“Add your name to demand that the Koch brothers make their donors public.”

A United States president. Calling on Americans to pressure other Americans about donations.

As you may know, the Koch brothers practice political activism through the organization Americans for Prosperity …

which is like many political groups on the left and the right; able to accept private and anonymous donations. They aren’t doing anything illegal, but for political reasons the Obama’s team, and now Obama himself, are pressuring them to do something they aren’t obligated to do.

Here is AFP’s response to this temper tantrum of Obama’s:

“Americans for Prosperity was an active advocate for economic freedom long before “Obama for America” existed. Those involved in the public policy arena are well aware that AFP is a genuine grassroots force that has grown steadily over the past eight years, and now includes 34 state chapters and affiliates and over 1.9 million citizen activists. The positive impact of AFP activists has been well documented and felt across the nation.

“For President Obama to dismiss Americans for Prosperity as some sort of ‘front group’ is a willful falsehood that insults millions of Americans from all walks of life who volunteer with AFP in the effort to strengthen prosperity through economic freedom.

“Americans for Prosperity is, and always has been, dedicated to advancing the principles of economic freedom, without regard to how individual companies are impacted by the free market system. That might seem unusual to an Administration that exemplifies government cronyism and repeatedly hands out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to political allies in support of a global-warming ideology for example.

“While President Obama and Messina demand lists of our supporters so they can broaden their attacks to include more private American citizens, AFP protects the identity of donors precisely because of the type of intimidation, smears, and vindictive personal attacks repeatedly launched by the President’s team on those who disagree with their big government agenda. Sadly, it’s not just paid political operatives like Messina who do the attacking and spread the falsehoods. In this Administration the supposed “government servants” who serve at taxpayer expense launch the attacks as well.

“Austan Goolsbee, then a senior economic advisor in the Obama White House, suggested to reporters on a conference call that the Administration should look into the tax returns of the Kochs. Why this ominous attack from the Obama White House on private Americans? Simple. The Kochs were opposed to the big government policies of the Administration. In the Obama Administration’s eyes, this justified having White House employees suggest digging into their private tax records. This attempted intimidation using White House officials is designed to intimidate other Americans from opposing their policies. So you can bet that Americans for Prosperity will protect our supporters from this kind of intimidation and personal smears by Washington politicians like President Obama.

“The Obama Administration always seeks a ‘villain’ to explain away the disastrous failure of their big government economic policies. The President himself attacked Americans for Prosperity by name in 2010 on almost two dozen occasions, blaming AFP for his troubles. And now in 2012, his campaign is already attacking AFP again. Just last week, in a national email, they blamed AFP and other Americans for his failure on the energy front. Americans know better and they deserve better from their elected leaders.”