Will Mitt Romney Kill the Tea Party?

Tiger66 of the Charleston Tea Party has this guest blog for us today!

Last Sunday’s New York Times magazine carried a painfully hard-to-read article entitled “Does Anyone Have a Grip on the G.O.P.?” If you’re a conservative and you don’t like the thought of a Romney presidency, you should definitely read what the Times has to say. While the article is behind a paywall, the Camp of the Saints blog had some good excerpts. Here’s the link: CampoftheSaints

According to the Camp of the Saints, the NYT article contains “solid evidence that the Republican Establishment has declared war on those of us who are members of the TEA Party Movement.” Although there are too many takeaway lines in the article to summarize here, look at this one quote from a veteran GOP lobbyist and operative named Scott Reed who is no doubt a member of the GOP establishment. (You can look Reed up with your favorite search engine.) Here’s what Reed had to say, “And that’s the secret to politics: trying to control a segment of people without those people recognizing that you’re trying to control them.” That quote alone should make your hair stand on end.

The article also has a rather interesting quote from Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, who says, “I think we’re going to have to have at least one more election cycle before people get that this [i.e., the TEA Party movement] isn’t just a typical wave in the business cycle of politics, if you will.” Mr. Kibbe may be right, but I’m not sure our country can make it through “one more election cycle” with plutocrats like Romney and Lindsey Graham running the show.

We must get the word out. Everything is on the line. If the GOP establishment marginalizes the TEA Party now, this thing is O-V-E-R.

Keep the Faith

Update: More of the same (and also worth reading) from Andrew Klaven

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  1. chuck franzen - October 20, 2011

    If we are not allowed a Primary in SC, it would be a plus for Romney and the RNC who really wants Romney over the Conservatives running.
    Some slick flip flopping politics going one here!

  2. Lewis Vaughn - October 20, 2011

    The NYT is in the fiction business. They also want to cause dissension in the GOP ranks. The TEA Party is vital to the U.S. and they are affecting change, change we must have for the U.S. to survive. Pay no attention to the NYT. Romney DOES NOT WANT TO DESTROY THE TEA PARTY. Newt is my choice, but if Romney wins the nomination, I will support him 100%. I hope and pray the TEA Party folks will as well. America can’t survive 4 more years of Obama.

  3. Cibby Krell - October 20, 2011

    Mitt may be ‘a conservative’ in Michigan and Massachusetts, at least enough to call himself “a Republican”, but he’s looking centrist in South Carolina! I also like Newt, who happens to be the most intelligent of the lot, succeeded in DC for a while, and could tear BHO to pieces in a one-on-one debate. He also knows both history and the Constitution.

    I seriously doubt that Romney cares about the Tea Party in the least. Sad, since the first one took place in Boston Harbor.

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