16 Republicans vote with 44 Dems to kill school choice

If you haven’t thought much beyond the fact that SC families lost the chance to use their own money to decide how to best educate their own children yesterday, in a state that ranks AT THE BOTTOM of the education scale in the United States … ponder this:

16 Republicans voted with 44 Democrats to kill this bill.

44 Democrats

16 Republicans

The party of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi drew 16 South Carolina Republicans over to their side to vote to kill your child’s opportunity for a better education.

In Spartanburg these six Republican House Reps voted with 44 Democrats:

Rita Allison
Doug Brannon
Derham Cole
Mike Forrester
Steve Parker
Eddie Tallon

When you voted for them in November, did you think you were voting for a Republican?

Silly you. Turns out they are more aligned with progressive libs like Pelosi than with South Carolina families wanting to improve their kids chance for an education. More aligned with Obama’s “leave it to the government to solve” than supporting your individual right of determination of what’s best for your family. More in sync with Harry Reid, the overseer of back room deals and perks for special interests than supporting a free market solution to the very real issue of SC failed schools, including the corridor of shame which produces generational poverty.

Six Spartanburg so-called Republican House Reps … people you voted for … sided with the 44 Democrats from the party who gave us Obama to vote against your kids.

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  1. Debbie Myers - May 26, 2011

    These legislators should be ASHAMED of themselves. They have obviously cowtowed to the bullies in the status quo-education establishment. Each of them should be replaced with genuine Conservatives at the next opportunity. Do you have the entire list? I live in Lexington.

  2. Terrye Godown - May 26, 2011

    Reps Allison, Brannon, Cole, Forrester, Parker and Tallon should be publicly asked to stop hiding behind the Republican label and have the guts to stand behind those of the same convoluted mindset as their own. Apparently many who elected them were fooled by that label and trusted their leadership. I think we should promptly oust reps who blatantly oppose the will of those who elected them and jam their phone lines with calls demanding them to justify their actions. If these candidated do not live up to the standard of their political parties the party itself should cut the ties to that person, and reveal them for who they are. I am disgusted with the nanny state mindset of these individuals who would sell away our freedom of choice for insidious gratuities unbeknownst to their trusting constituents.

  3. James - May 26, 2011

    We often hear the “establishment wing” of the GOP (of which the above six are members) complain about the “reform wing” of the GOP as being not real Republicans, or more libertarian than conservative, etc. etc. They obviously need to be reminded that school choice and competition through tax credits and vouchers is a specific platform plank of both the SCGOP platform and the RNC platform. Seems to me that the “Republican first” crowd needs to remember that on this issue.

  4. Pasquale, (Pat) Battaglia - May 26, 2011

    Well South Carolina,

    Please allow me to introduce you to American Christian Academies. ACA is a model for a school system that will offer a classical education based on the Judeo-Christian foundations of this America. Our methodology will offer this opportunity to families who currently have no other choices for their children. We will provide an education option nearly tuition free and autonomous from the government and the government run public school systems.

    As you consider our premises please bear in mind that not too long ago schools were developed by a community coming together and either building a school house or using the local church. The resident pastor would teach or the citizens of the town would pool their resources and hire a school marm to instruct their children as they saw fit. Tuition was not relevant because the people contributed all that was needed for the common good of educating their children. The first and foremost “text book” was always the Holy Bible.

    What we are proposing is not a new idea but a way to expand that base, “community school”, model nationwide. As with the near perfect simplicity of our founding documents we are best served when we the people address our own needs with our own resources as we see fit. If we do not agree or find something that is more in line with our ideological base we are free to vote with our feet and pocket books. Imagine this concept garnering the support of 2-3% of the professed Christians of this country. If that group donated just $10 per month, every year we could establish 3-5, Pre-K through 12, 1,000+ student schools whose operations are fully and perpetually funded through ethically invested endowments. Now consider that every child we lift up touches 3 to 5 voters… The American Christian Academies can offer a choice whose time has re-emerged, a system of education that will re-awaken the what and who we are in this country. There is no need to point out the failings of the current system, God willing our example will cause all existing schools to raise their respective bars.

    We need partners who understand that this needs to be done. This is the long term solution to the ills that our country is experiencing. What if our children were afforded an opportunity to hear the truth of the Holy Scriptures, understand who the Founders were and what they did to allow this country to be great, learn to think, communicate, problem solve and lead, learn to lift up instead of tear down?

    ACA aims to teach our children how to teach themselves, grounding them in the moral absolutes that guided our Founders. “If we continue to be a happy people, that happiness must be assured by the enacting and executing of reasonable and wise laws, expressed in the plainest language, and by establishing such modes of education as tend to inculcate in the minds of youth, the feelings and habits of “piety, religion and morality,” and to lead them to the knowledge and love of those truly Republican principles upon which our civil institutions are founded.” – Samuel Adams, 1795.

    For your further research I can provided a manuscript copy of our forthcoming book “Restoration, The God and Country Education Project” and an “Executive Summary” of our organization. We outnumber them. If we pool our resources and circles of influence… if we, together cast a broad net it will be the weight of the minnows that carry the this mission to success.

    I am not a person who understands a thousand reasons why something cannot be done… just give me one… one child to save… grant us His blessing and this will be done.

    I pray that our Lord opens your heart to our mission. Please let me know your thoughts and if we may open a dialog.

    In His service,

    Pasquale J. Battaglia, (Pat)

    American Christian Academies

    (616) 437-7840 cell

  5. Dan Ball - May 27, 2011

    Rep Bill Chumley – THANK YOU for doing what is right… for being the only House Rep from Spartanburg area voting to allow the people of SC a little more freedom to choose what is best for their children.

    Rep Rita Allison, Doug Brannon, Derham Cole, Mike Forrester, Steve Parker and Eddie Tallon – SHAME ON YOU!

    Whom will you support in their next campaign? Pay attention now, act now and replace them in 2012!

  6. Joe Easler - May 27, 2011

    If the schools are sub-par (fix them) you might notice that you are constantly trying to reach the end of the rainbow. fix the schools that you have , it’s the responsibility that is yours.

  7. Sheryl Moriarty - May 27, 2011

    Who is our local expert on school choice? could I have his/her email?

  8. Karen Martin - May 27, 2011

    HI Sheryl, that would be Kerry Wood


    knows the issue inside and out, happy to inform

  9. Stan Crenshaw - May 27, 2011

    To Joe Easler,

    The schools of this nation are nor just subpar. They are academies of the nanny state. Our children are being taught that the government is all-powerful, their parents and grandparents are of no authority in their homes ( Don’t believe it? Spank a child and let a teacher find out!)They are being filled with global warming hype and told that they don’t deserve the Anerican dream because nobody else in the world has what we have. And if you are among the Christian majority in this country, they devote quite a bit of instruction time undoing any religious instruction your child receives at home.

    You don’t fix that, Joe. You fight it. After 50 years of spending more and more per pupil we are getting dumber and dumber graduates (the 56% that make it to graduation on time).

  10. WT Clark - May 31, 2011

    I wrote my letter to the editor of the SHJ this morning. We need to keep light a fire under this bunch.

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