It’s Time to Stop the FCC Internet Czars

The Heritage Foundation tries to make clear the troubling situation with the FCC and Internet regulation. Not an issue I have a grasp on, so please check out their posting for more info on today’s vote.

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  1. J.R. Wilt - December 21, 2010

    This is a very misleading article. The problem is that US internet providers, especially wireless providers, want to charge both the sender and the receiver of the information sent around on the internet. As an example, cell phone providers provide map services, for which they charge a fee. They seek to prevent access to Google Earth, which works better and is free, and require customers to use their fee based service instead. They seek to take payments from one search provider, e.g., Google and require customers to use that service rather than, for instance, Bing, which they may prefer.

    I pay my ISP to deliver the content I request to my computer as quickly as possible. I do not think that my service should depend on the senders of the information that I request to pay the ISP a fee.

    This Congressional flack over net neutrality was bought and pad for by AT&T, Verizon , et. al. via campaign contributions to large numbers of congressmen in the recent election. Consumers will take a major hit.

    The FCC was right on in trying to prevent this. It’s too bad that they were not better at explaining what they were trying to do, which is to stand up for the rights of those who subscribe to the Internet.

    J.R. Wilt

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