Rand Paul at The Beacon Friday, May 29

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Friday, May 29 at 3:30 pm
The Beacon Drive-in
255 John B White Sr Blvd, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

Join Rand Paul for a Stand With Rand meet & greet in Spartanburg!

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“Transparency is for government, privacy is for citizens.”

Palmetto Promise.org has this:

Across America, everyday citizens have been fired, had their businesses boycotted and been forced to register with the government in order to exercise their right to free speech. In the particularly egregious “John Doe” case in Wisconsin, some families even had their homes raided by police SWAT teams for their support of the policies of Governor Scott Walker.

This week, the South Carolina Policy Council (SCPC) highlighted this important issue in a public debate held on the campus of USC. The event called attention to ethics legislation currently sitting before the South Carolina General Assembly that goes well beyond the important function of protecting the integrity of elections to potentially chilling “all communications critical of public officials during a broad window before an election.”

While acknowledging that there is a strong public desire for politicians and their actions to be transparently accountable to the public, SCPC President Ashley Landess drew a bright line between this idea and the right of citizens to not have to register their personal giving with the government, noting that, “Transparency is for government, privacy is for citizens.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The good news for South Carolina citizens: the U.S. Supreme Court has already clearly ruled to protect them in this matter. The case? NAACP v. Alabama, which in 1958 was decided in favor of the plaintiff, Jeffery D. who feared that the disclosure of $100 that he donated to the NAACP would subject him and his family to harassment and danger by local law enforcement and pro-segregation extremists. The Court agreed, ruling that the privacy of donors is an essential component of both free speech and the right to assembly.

So the question before South Carolina: will we mire our state in a federal court case, which is sure to result if our lawmakers try to quash the ability of citizens to donate privately to causes they support? For the sake of free speech and fiscal responsibility, we certainly hope not.

This is a bit more at the link above.

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Abortion Facts and Pain Capable Bill

Lynn Isler with a great guest blog, posted at PNN:

It is important for everyone to know the details on abortion in SC for two reasons. First, we cannot let the legislators in Columbia get away with giving the impression they have done something meaningful for the unborn in SC when in fact, they have done little or nothing. Second, I hope this information, if it becomes widely known, will guide us as we craft strategies to save these precious innocents in the future.

Please share this information widely across the state.

First, the details on the 20 Week Pain Capable bill–It establishes that no abortion can be performed in the state of SC past 20 weeks unless the mother’s life is in some way jeopardized by the pregnancy.

Second, Lets look at how many abortions are done in SC. Where are they done? And at what gestational age are they done?

There was a total of 6084 abortions in 2012 and 5878 in 2013. The graphic below breaks these numbers down further to show the number at each abortion facility (there are three here in SC) and hospital in SC.

Abortion Statistics

Please note two things as you look at the information.

1) One, you will see that the vast majority of abortions in this state are done at the state’s three abortion facilities. You should know that NONE of these facilities do abortions past 14 weeks gestation. I have linked the websites of each of these facilities here below so you can confirm this information. I have even gone the extra length and called each of them to verify.

2) The overall number of abortions performed in the hospitals (which do abortions after 14 weeks) is low. Of those, most are done prior to 20 weeks. Ex.–In 2013, a total of 81 abortions were done in SC hospitals. Of the 81, only 38 were over 20 weeks gestation. So now we begin to see that the 20 Week Pain Capable bill saves a very limited number of lives and perhaps none at all. I have had an ob-gyn doctor in this state verify that most of the abortions in hospitals are done to save the life of the mother. The pain capable bill makes an exception for the life of the mother, something with which most pro-life advocates agree. So while most agree with the exception, it still begs the question in regards to this legislation: Will it save any lives at all? And if so, how few?

Now for the amendment sponsored by SC’s most pro-abort senator and the GOP’s very own Senator Larry Grooms and Senator Katrina Shealy. The amendment moves the 20 week deadline back to 24 weeks and adds three more exceptions that should be unacceptable to anyone who is truly pro life. They are thoroughly explained here, but before you read them, there is one more thing number you need to know. In 2013, there were no abortions done past 24 weeks gestation. So what was already a very weak (possibly useless) bill is certainly useless with the amendment.

Mother’s health: The Grooms-Hutto amendment permits an abortion if, in the abortionist’s judgment, the pregnancy would cause the mother “serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function, not including psychological or emotional conditions.”

Rape and incest: The Grooms-Hutto amendment permits abortion past 24 weeks if the child was conceived as a result of a criminal act of the father. Furthermore, the Grooms-Hutto amendment simply requires a patient to say she was raped in order for the abortion to proceed. There is no provision, for instance, that stipulates that the police or Department of Social Services should be notified in the case of incest.

Severe fetal anomaly: The Grooms-Hutto amendment says that if the abortionist simply believes that the baby would be impaired after birth the abortion may proceed. This is a vague and poorly reasoned standard which, taken with others, makes these “prohibitions” meaningless and unenforceable.

I hope this information helps. The blood of the innocents is too precious for us to allow this legislation to give everyone a false impression. We need to do so much more and I hope grassroots activists from across the state will fight for so much more.

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Spartanburg County Council May General Session

Roger Nutt says this is one of the best short subject files released in 2015!

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Heritage and Jim DeMint – you are invited! (Greenville)

Join us for one of our South Carolina Gatherings

The Heritage Foundation has embarked on a campaign to Reclaim America. Combining our research, communications, advocacy, and leadership, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that America’s best days are ahead of us. Reclaiming America is a team effort, and we are proud to join forces with our state-based partner, the Palmetto Promise Institute.

You are invited to join Jim DeMint, President of The Heritage Foundation, and Ellen Weaver, President of Palmetto Promise Institute, for one of these small gatherings as we lay out our strategy to Reclaim America.


MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2015
207 S Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina

Please RSVP by May 25, 2015

Registration Fee: $25 per person

Parking Information: Street parking is available. Additional parking is available behind the Westin Poinsett Hotel and by the Courtyard by Marriott.

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Local Government Fund – at the end of session here’s where we are

Can you call each of the House members in YOUR county re: Local Govt Fund?

The General Appropriations bill – H. 3701. The budget is on the House calendar and it appears the House will wait until the Board of Economic Advisors issues its final revenue estimate for the year before amending the Senate version. News reports have estimated that there could be as much as $200 million in additional revenue in that BEA revenue projection revision.

Currently, both versions fund the LGF at last years funding level.

Contact your House members and ask that a portion of the BEA’s increased estimate go to the LGF. County taxpayers should benefit from this important tax relief if the state is taking in even more money than originally estimated!

Call each one and ask them not to vote for a budget that does not use a portion (if not a large portion) of this ‘new found’ money to fund their state agencies on a local level

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Steven Long on the pro-life bill

Steven Long has some thoughts to share:

Yesterday the SC Senate voted to allow Down’s syndrome babies to be aborted as one of the multiple exceptions they voted to allow in the new pro-life bill. This amendment was sponsored by the leading anti-life Democrat and a Republican(Larry Grooms). It was allowed to pass by the National Right to Life and the SC Citizens for Life who encouraged senators to overrule Lee Bright’s efforts to stop this amendment. They say they don’t agree with the amendment, but they are ok with passing the amended bill because they were told by Larry Grooms that this was the only way to pass the bill- despite the Republicans having a filibuster proof majority.

Maybe it is the only way to pass the bill, but if that’s the case then the Republican senators in SC are a bunch of no good cowards with no principles and no loyalty to the Republican Party platform.

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Heritage Action for America candidate forum Greenville Sept 18!

From TheState.com:

Gov. Nikki Haley and former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint will lead a 2016 Republican presidential candidate forum Sept. 18 in Greenville, The State has learned.

The forum at Bon Secours Wellness Arena likely will attract the top GOP candidates trying to woo S.C. voters before the state’s first-in-the-South primary, the third Republican contest of the 2016 election cycle.

No details were released on which candidates will be invited.

The forum will be held by Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation, which DeMint runs.

“Instead of ‘gotcha questions’ or the usual political fights, we will discuss solutions on issues that matter to families like education, health care, energy, foreign policy and more,” said DeMint, who held a forum for GOP presidential candidates in Columbia in 2012, when he was still a U.S. senator.

Read more at the link above … and MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

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Section 3 language – GONE. See how easy it is to pass this now?

See how easy that was Senators Shealy and Larry Martin? All the angst over Section 3 … you wasted MONTHS … and a lot of political capital. Well at least Senator Shealy did. Martin’s capital was long exhausted among people who respect the Constitution.

Jonathon Hill: The Senate language that was originally in S3 to take the gun rights of those merely accused of CDV was removed from this bill. I verified this and had the National Association of Gun Rights confirm as well. I have no problem with loss of gun rights being a penalty for those convicted of violent crimes, which is all the article is saying.

SC House approves CDV Bill
Fox News

The House of Representatives unanimously passed an amended domestic violence bill on Wednesday, setting up a final vote on the bill in the Senate in the coming days.

House members voted 104-0 to send the bill back to the Senate after adding on an amendment that would add on additional restrictions to people convicted of a domestic violence crime.

The new amendment would enact a lifetime ban on gun ownership for those who are convicted of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and reinforced a 10-year ban on gun ownership for those convicted for first degree CDV.

The bill also contains language that would create a CDV advisory board providing CDV education to students from 6th to 8th grade.

The bill would also create lifetime restraining orders for CDV victims so they would not need to renew the order each year.

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Spartanburg County Council plans no action on refugees

Daniel J. Gross reports:

Spartanburg County Council announced it plans to take no action on a proposal to bring refugees to Spartanburg and is holding steady for U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy’s findings concerning the resettlement program.

World Relief, a faith-based organization, plans to bring 60 refugees to Spartanburg this year to assimilate into the community, as part of a U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.

After several people spoke on the issue during a Monday evening council meeting, Chairman Jeff Horton said the County Council had no

involvement in the matter and urged residents to be patient until all of the information has been gathered.

He pointed out that the state Senate adopted an amendment in its budget prohibiting state funds from being used for the refugee program until the county council approves the resettlement. The legislation originally stated that it was a decision for the legislative delegation, not the county council.

Horton said the amendment is wrong and should be “stricken immediately.”

“That’s the county’s position,” he said.

“As a body, County Council is always concerned when its citizens are polarized, but this is a very complex legal and regulatory matter with no County Council involvement,” Horton stated.

In April, Gowdy announced he had 17 questions about the program and asked Secretary of State John Kerry to put refugee resettlement plans on hold until questions are answered. Some of those questions revolved around security, education, funding and health care issues.

Horton said since Gowdy has taken the lead in gathering information, the council is waiting for his office to render findings on the matter. “As a community, and as a council, it would be premature and potentially damaging to our community as well as potentially defamatory and slanderous to those involved to rush to judgment before all of Congressman Gowdy’s inquiry is complete,” Horton said.

Christina Jeffrey, a former candidate for Congress, has voiced opposition to refugees resettling in Spartanburg and said during Monday’s council meeting that refugees cannot be adequately screened. She said the resettlement of refugees in the U.S. is a disservice to taxpayers, the education system, the job market and the safety of people.

She said the department of homeland security cannot ensure safety since screening is difficult, particularly for those coming from countries such as Syria and Iraq.

World Relief local director Jason Lee also attended the meeting and said the refugee resettlement program has traditionally not been a county council issue.

“Refugees are fleeing from some of the most horrific suffering,” he said. “This program is one that has been honored and implemented over the years.”

He added that the current refugees being processed to be resettled in the program are not Iraqi or Syrian.

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