Spartanburg County Council adopts new vision and plan

Felicia Kitzmiller reports at SHJ:

Spartanburg County Council adopted a new strategic plan during a called meeting Monday.

The eight-page document outlines the Council’s vision, mission, values and goals as discussed during a planning retreat in May. The strategic planning process was facilitated by the Weathers Group of Columbia.

“What we’re doing today is the first step in a much longer, detailed process,” County Administrator Katherine O’Neill said. “You establish where you want to go, and our job is to tell you how to get there. … I’m very proud of what council accomplished at their retreat. This is truly the framework we need.”

The next step is working toward the goals. Councilman Roger Nutt said he would specifically like to see an enumerated list of priorities that will help guide the county’s budget process as the economy recovers. O’Neill suggested a special meeting in January where council can have early input on the budget process and in the future, annual planning retreats in August or September will contain those prioritization exercises.

Sound great. I look forward to reading the document!

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Harrell Has First Court Appearance

Rick Brundrett at has this report on Harrell’s court appearance:

Suspended S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell walked out of a Richland County courtroom this morning without having to put up any money for bail after being formally served with indictments charging him with using campaign funds for personal expenses and concealing unlawful campaign payments.

Circuit Judge John Hayes of York, a former state House member and senator who served in the General Assembly before Harrell was first elected in 1992, issued an $18,000 personal recognizance bond for Harrell, which doesn’t require him to put up any money up front, though he would be responsible for the amount if he skipped a future court date without permission.

Hayes also required that any future out-of-state travel by Harrell be approved either by 1st Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe of Orangeburg, who is prosecuting the case, or the judge who eventually will be assigned to handle Harrell’s trial, noting he hadn’t been assigned as the trial judge. Hayes did permit Harrell to attend the University of South Carolina football game on Saturday at the University of Kentucky.

The normally talkative Harrell, R-Charleston, was silent during the seven-minute court hearing – his first court appearance since being indicted by a Richland County grand jury on Sept. 10 – letting his attorney, Bart Daniel of Charleston, speak on behalf of him. Harrell and Daniel didn’t speak to a group of reporters afterward.

More details at the link above.

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Ever wonder where you vote?

If you are wondering, or if you are asked “Where do I vote?” … or if you’ve moved and can’t remember if you changed your voter registration address or not, here’s a resource that can help!

Can I

A quick look up website that can help with all those “Can I vote?” questions.

October 4 is the last day to register to vote for the November General Election. In Spartanburg:

Administration Building
Room 1630
366 North Church Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303

8:30 – 5:00
Monday – Friday

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Spartanburg Blog Con – SIGN UP!

CLICK Here for the online registration/payment.

Our Blog Con will be social media training. It will take place Saturday, November 1 at the downtown library from 10 AM to 2 PM

Learning how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms for political activism.
Beginners, we help you set up an account.

Everyone, we will show you the features that will help you connect with others who are working toward better governance in South Carolina, and make connections with your legislators.
We are going to make it easy for the beginners, and helpful for those of you who are already active on social media and want “next steps.”


NOTE: If you do not wish to use an online payment system, then please contact Karen Martin to make other arrangements:

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Spartanburg Council special meeting Monday – recap of Council retreat

Likely to be interesting!

3:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order…………………….………. Honorable Jeff Horton, Chairman

II. Receive information and take desired action in reference to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals discussed at Council’s retreat. (Mr. Charles Weathers, Weathers Group, to present) – (Action Requested: Approve Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals)

III. Adjourn

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… and then there’s Lindsey Graham

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Here’s a precinct walking tool!

Have you been walking a precinct lately? Met anyone who is interested, even a bit, in having a bigger voice in our Spartanburg County Republican Party?

Well … Ted Cruz will be in Spartanburg Sunday October 12 – what a GREAT opportunity to circle back to some of those folks you’ve met and invite them to attend!

If you are on the Spartanburg County Republican Party email list you have received an email with a flyer attached like the one below. Print that out and walk it around. If you need that flyer, email me and I’ll send you a PDF copy for you to print.

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Do You Use a Square Reader? They just got anti-gun.

Jennifer Kerns at The Daily Signal reports:

Last summer, around the same time the U.S. Department of Justice’s Operation Choke Point began pressuring banks to drop customers who buy or sell firearms, tobacco and other goods considered “not acceptable” by the Obama administration, Square quietly changed its terms of agreement.

In an alert regarding a change of terms, Square notified vendors:

…you will not accept payments in connection with the following businesses or business activities: …sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury.

Today, the Square’s terms prohibit gun-shop owners from using the credit-card processor not only when they are conducting gun sales at their brick-and-mortar stores but even more so when they are offsite, representing their stores at gun shows where they often need the wireless Square Reader to ring up sales on smartphones or tablets. Gun show have been a target of anti-gun activists for nearly 20 years.

So that nifty little gadget you stick on your iPhone to do your credit card business? Not 2nd Amendment friendly.

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GSP Republican Women meeting Monday October 13

Matt Moore will be the guest at the beginning of the meeting to talk about the upcoming election and the changes he has made to his staff recently

John Warren is coming for the last hour to talk about ISIS – who they are and his personal experiences in the Middle East.

Meeting is at the Pelham-Batesville Fire Dept, 2761 S Carolina 14, Greer, SC 29650.

Join us for dessert at 6:30, meeting begins at 7:00 PM

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Spartanburg School District 5 seeking public input in wake of $71M bond referendum defeat

Step 1 was telling the school board what we do not want as a community.

Step 2 is sharing with them what we DO want. I encourage you to thoughtfully submit some ideas.

The way to do political activism poorly is to always be AGAINST stuff without providing solutions, thoughts, and being involved in the discussion.

Many of you worked hard at defeating this sneaky tax increase. Please take 15 minutes to think about this, and email your thoughts to the email address below (do not leave comments on our website, they will not be submitted for you).

From SHJ:

Spartanburg School District 5 is seeking the public’s input on improvements to Byrnes High School after a $71 million bond referendum for major construction and renovations at the school failed earlier this month.

The Board of Trustees released a statement on the district’s website, saying it is committed to providing Byrnes students with a safe, secure learning environment and enough class space to accommodate increased student enrollment.

“We want to thank our community for being engaged as we consider how to best address the needs of our high school students and teachers,” according to the statement. “We would like to provide individuals, or groups, who have not yet communicated ideas or suggestions to the board an opportunity to do so.”

The statement added the board has studied the issues facing Byrnes for two years, engaging architects, civil and mechanical engineers, school administration, teachers, parents and students.

The board encouraged interested residents to email suggestions to

“We will evaluate any proposal that addresses the security and capacity issues at the school. We will also have the architects and engineers evaluate proposals submitted by the citizens of District 5. While we will not be able to respond to individual proposals, we will conduct proper consideration as we strive to address these two vital issues,” according to the statement.

Suggestions and feedback to the District 5 board should be submitted by Oct. 15.

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