Trey Gowdy and the Export-Import Bank

The Bank’s authorization expires Sept 30th. If the House simply does not act, the charter will not be renewed.

This is what we want. Do you know about the Ex-Im Bank? Here are a few links, provided by Heritage to get you up to speed.

Ex-Im Bank little more than corporate welfare
Diane Katz

Again, Diane Katz at Daily Signal

Our Congressman, Trey Gowdy, voted in favor of the Bank in 2012. We do not want him to vote in favor this time. It may be that he has already reconsidered, so keep that in mind … Heritage is urging you to contact Trey Gowdy and express your opinion on this topic.

Local District Office
Greenville (864) 241-0175
Spartanburg (864) 583-3264

DC Phone Number:

Here is more info:

This fall, the U.S. Export-Import Bank is scheduled to expire. This institution is basically a Fannie Mae for exporters. Senator Obama called Ex-Im a “fund for corporate welfare” in 2008, and he was right. But now, there is a bipartisan effort underway to lobby for the Bank’s continued operation. Congress shouldn’t reauthorize this fund for corporate welfare. By refusing to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank, Congress can take a real step towards ending cronyism and stopping corporate welfare.

The Ex-Im Bank picks winners and losers in the economy, inviting cronyism and corruption, and distorting the free market.

Everyone from then-Senator Barack Obama to leading conservatives today call the bank what it is: a fund for corporate welfare

It doesn’t level the playing field: less than half of the Ex-Im Bank’s transactions in 2013 countered foreign subsidies.

Research indicates that, at best, Ex-Im has no discernible impact on the number of jobs in America. And the official figures don’t account for jobs destroyed or never created in the first place by the Bank’s distortions of the free market.

Opposing the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank is standing up for the core American value of free-markets.

Let’s see if I can load a PDF info file here for you …

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An opinion on $71M tax increase from a District 5 property owner

Elevated from the comment section. Cibby falls into the category of someone who owns property in School District 5, yet lives in another district. So if this is passed, his taxes will be raised and he will not even get a vote.

There is a strong argument for construction of another high school. The current facility is essentially land-locked. Abner Creek Elementary School was built several years ago to answer the needs of the district’s growth. At the time that seemed excessive to many who were watching, as the new school isn’t very far from existing ones, but the locals I’ve talked to claim it was a good plan given the growth patterns in the immediate area.

The knee-jerk reaction is different when you turn to high schools? Oh, yeah, that issue of “the football team” and “the need” for AstroTurf in the stadium. Those Rebel fans and alum’s would never go for such a blow to the athletic program.

I believe the issue should immediately be put on hold and the special ballot cancelled. All parties should all push back from the table and look at the options with the emotions and team loyalties left in the parking lot. Look at each and very potential solution on its own merit, and I believe the best one will present itself. It’s obvious that this is exactly what the school board and some influential residents do not want, and therein lies the problem.

Every corporation I worked for had its internal procedure for approaching, analyzing and solving problems. They were essentially the same, and it’s too bad that organizations like school boards, city and county councils, and even the legislative bodies cannot grasp any portion of the technique.

As Mr. Spock would say, “Highly illogical”.

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An opinion on $71M from a District 5 voter

(Elevated from the comments section.)

I am pleased to see the Spartanburg Tea Party covered this!

Here’s why I am voting no.

The question isn’t whether James F. Byrnes High School needs to be renovated. The question is whether taxpayers should pay an additional $71 million to fund the project.

Lack of funding is not the problem. Allocation is the problem. District 5 taxpayers already put Byrnes in the top 25% of local funding for the state (SCRG). Per student, the high school receives $11,236 (projected 2010 from SCRG). This is more than the majority of our local private schools have per student (Oakbrook Prepatory, Westgate Christian, St. Joseph’s Catholic, Southside Christian). Why has the district not put aside money to properly maintain and grow our school system?

The plans and number $71 million are troubling as well. The entirety of the new Dorman High School was built with $65 million, $6 million less than Byrnes proposed renovation budget. After completion, the school would only be able to hold an additional 500 students. Thus, it is likely this $71 million would not be a permanent solution for the district with its growing population.

Why not simply build a new high school? The answer. Football. If the high school is divided, people fear the football program would be effected. Taxpayers will be funding a $13 million dollar new stadium and facilities if the plan is approved. The district needs to focus on education, not our sport program.

On a final note, it seems like small town politics at its best to run a special election for this tax increase. The state elections are on November 4, 2014. Less than 2 months away. Why not wait until the full electorate can come out rather than having a little known special election where a select few will show?

Laura Anderson

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What are kids being taught by this?

Whether it is kids or adults in School District 5 vandalizing these signs, one thing for sure … someone is deciding that they have a more important point of view on the upcoming $71M tax increase and are willing to damage someone’s private property to prevent their point of view from being expressed.

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Putting a Price Tag on Education

I do find myself wondering about the shadiness of this tax increase these school board members are pushing as hard as they can. Trying to convince us Oh So Sincerely that the September 9 voting date was unavoidable? Do any of them … even one … consider that yes, NEW STADIUM WITH ASTROTURF!!!!!!! for a few years of a student’s life at school … and then … that student, newly graduated, beginning life, buying a car, paying for goods and services in the community, perhaps with a family in a few years attempting to buy a home … do those school board members in their zeal to keep up with the Joneses/Dormans understand that those young kids will also be saddled with that tax increase for the next 20 years of their lives?

Will it be worth it to those kids to have had AstroTurf for a couple of years, I wonder, when the realities of post high school economic life becomes real and they realize they were exploited for the prestige of the school board?

Here’s an article from Kerry Wood at Citizens for a Free Market. He touches on what I’m wondering about, and answers a critic. Here’s an excerpt…

Mr. Pickren, just how much do you suppose the education of the community would improve by spending nearly a million dollars on artificial turf and millions more on the stadium?

And to include the actual school repairs, how would spending $43,000+ per student benefit their education? Why not spend $100,000 or more per student if we are going spend absurd amounts of money. How much would we have to increase taxes before you would say enough? Or does it not matter? I’m asking in hopes that you truly think this through. Have you thought about how that money could benefit teachers or many other students in the community, rather that dumping that excessive amount into one single school?

What if I made the assumption you didn’t care about the children because you are in favor of this increase? After all, most in high school now cannot yet vote, but most will be going to work soon, buying cars and other property and will be forced to work longer and harder to pay for something they had no say in. Seems like a bit of a cruel thing to do to kids in my book. But, in true predatory style, those who are for this tax increase have thought nothing of USING these same children to promote an increase that they are completely unaware they will be required to assume responsibility for.

If it were up to me, the power in education would be moved from administration to the classroom, where it belongs in the hands of the teachers and the students they serve. If it was up to me, we would rid ourselves of most of the paper-pushers that dictate to teachers and with all that money we would save, I strongly believe starting salary for our teachers should be very competitive, perhaps in the $100,000 range. THAT is where money should be spent in education, after all that is who is actually entrusted with our children, not the six-figure bureaucrats. Teachers should then be completely responsible for their classes and with truly competitive pay; there would never be a shortage of good teachers.

Click the link above to read the entire article.

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McConnell says he will attach conservative riders to must-pass spending bills

The Senate Conservatives Fund ranks right up there on my “LIKE” list of national organization that I think do good work and “think just like me.”

If you are not on their email list you should be. CLICK HERE to go their website and sign up for their email list.

Here’s an excerpt from a SCF email this week:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently said that if Republicans win a Senate majority in November, he will attach conservative riders to must-pass spending bills to stop President Obama’s agenda.

In short, he pledged to defund Obama’s liberal policies.

“We’re going to pass spending bills, and they’re going to have a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy,” McConnell said. “That’s something he won’t like, but that will be done. I guarantee it.”

We agree 100% with this approach, but it is a 180-degree reversal from Mitch McConnell’s previous position. Last year, he said defunding was “not conservative policy” and “could not and would not work.”

This flip-flop raises some important questions.

First, where was Mitch McConnell last year when conservatives in the Senate like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) fought to defund Obamacare?

Senator McConnell originally said he opposed Obamacare funding, but then caved when it mattered and helped Harry Reid and the Democrats fund the law.

Second, why wait until next year to start defunding the president’s agenda?

Republicans don’t need a majority to defund the president’s agenda. They currently have the 41 votes needed to stop bills that fund things they oppose. They just need the courage to take a principled stand.

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Local Government Fund getting some attention

Did you know there was a South Carolina Association of Counties? there is.

This week their newsletter focused on Justin Bradley’s efforts to inform each county of the potential of the House doing away with the Local Government Fund. To recap … voters are taxed, that money is sent to Columbia, Columbia legislates mandates that each county needs to include in their budget and the Local Govt Fund money is supposed to be returned to the county to cover the mandates.

Except every year since 2009 legislators have voted to keep your money, thus taxing you twice, because their legislated mandates still need to be funded.

CLICK HERE to read the South Carolina Association of Counties newsletter. Here’s an excerpt. Please share this information with activists and Council members and administrators in YOUR county!

This Legislative Alert is being sent to you because you are a County Council Member, County Supervisor or County Manager/Administrator. Simply put . . . this is a call to action to preserve the Local Government Fund.

Over the last several years the General Assembly has underfunded the Local Government Fund. Now, based on several confirmed reports, the Republican House Caucus is considering eliminating the Local Government Fund and diverting the money to other critical needs, such as road building, or whatever other need there is. They know better than you do how this money should be best used to serve the public. Using the General Assembly’s logic, maybe the best thing to do is to eliminate the State Government and just let the Federal Government run things on the county and city level. Although, it has been said repeatedly that the government closest to the people (that means you) is the government that serves the people the best.

There are several items included for your consideration. One is an article written by a Republican County Councilman-elect (who has no opposition in November) who was not even born when Home Rule passed in 1973-75. He understands the need to preserve and fully fund the Local Government Fund. The second document is entitled, “The History of the Local Government Fund“. The third document is a chart depicting the estimated millage increases required to replace the loss of Local Government Fund revenue. Remember Act 388 limits millage increases and loss of Local Government Fund money is not an exception. Also, the SCAC website contains additional information such as The Fiscal Impact of Selected State Mandates on County Governments report.

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How to Overcome the Sept 9 Tax Increase

From Citizens for a Free Market:

Here are a few things you can do to help fight this and other tax increases.

1) Vote: They are counting on low turnout to get this tax increase passed. The most important thing you can do is take the time to vote.

2) Network: Tell your friends, family, neighbors what’s going on. Let them know they are going to be hit with another tax increase if they don’t go vote “NO” to this one. You should all text, email, and/or call each other on or Election Day to remind to vote.

3) LTE: Write letters to the Editor explaining why you are opposed to this. Do not muddy the waters by bringing in other issues that aren’t related – make certain you stick to your topic. 300 words or less emailed to: and include name, address, and phone number.

4) Homeowners Association: Contact as many Homeowners Associations in District five that you can and encourage them to get the word out in their neighborhood.

5) Businesses: Know any business owners in District Five? Encourage them to put a sign or stack of fliers in their business – we will provide the sign and fliers – just send an email to

6) Work your own neighborhood. We will be happy to give you fliers and signs to work your own neighborhood. Put a sign in your yard and encourage a few of your neighbors to do the same.

7) Join us: Visit for information on this tax increase.

8) Like us: Join our efforts to stop this practice of having Special Elections to raise taxes. Like us on Facebook!

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Byrnes: A very expensive Band-Aid

I don’t know Cherry Laurens, but she writes a GREAT Letter to the Editor in today’s SHJ:

Spartanburg County School District 5 is asking its residents to rebuild Byrnes High School for $71 million. That is a lot of money for any project.

Dorman High School was built for $65 million. This isn’t a case of competing with the Joneses. We do not have any reason to compete. Byrnes is an excellent school in its own right. Byrnes is a strong school for athletics, the arts and academics. That is more than enough reason for students and the community to be proud of our school.

Byrnes High School is in need of upgrading. There is a lot of congestion in the main areas of the schools, and small, cramped classrooms. There are also problems with some handicap access. Security, safety and traffic flows are also problems the school faces.

However, I think these problems can be solved with a little bit of ingenuity, not rebuilding nearly the whole school.

The school district is asking us to pay for a capacity increase of 500 students, and it expects to need more room in fewer than 20 years. In other words, it wants a $71 million Band-Aid. That is a very expensive Band-Aid.

How about the novel idea of using a bit of creativity to create a durable long-term solution? What if we were to actually plan ahead for the future instead of just trying to fix the here-and-now to get us through the next 20 years?

Keep in mind that 10 years for school planning is a very short time, so only looking 20 years ahead doesn’t get us very far. By the time this bond would be paid off, it would be time to start planning again for the next project.

Cherry Laurens


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Walking the Clifdale Precinct

Now THIS was interesting!!!

Tonight Tommy Dimsdale and I went precinct walking in Clifdale. The first woman who opened the door to speak with us is named Donna. She was wearing a shirt like this. With blue pants and red sandals with sparkly stars. And if THAT wasn’t enough, she was wearing blue earrings in the shape of the state of South Carolina with a palmetto tree on each one!!! She is very excited about organizing her precinct!

You too can share stories like this. Get out and walk a precinct with us! Ask Bill Conley for more info!

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