New to SC politics? Here’s a microcosm example of why things don’t work

There are myriad stories and examples which serve to explain why the SC general assembly is largely a do-nothing at best … and pit of corruption at worst … entity.

If you are new to SC politics, and just can’t grasp what everyone is so steamed about all the time about consolidation of power and ignoring voter concerns, Rick Brundret has this story in The Nerve about Hugh Leatherman, his power, his appointments, and why nothing ever EVER gets done in Columbia.

The Florence County Republican, who was first elected to the Senate in 1980, has long held the title of Senate Finance Committee chairman, which has allowed to him to serve on, by virtue of his position, or make appointments to at least 17 state boards, commissions or committees in recent years, based on a review by The Nerve of records at the S.C. Secretary of State’s Office and research by the South Carolina Policy Council – The Nerve’s parent organization.

He automatically, for example, is a member of the five-member governing panel of the newly enacted State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA) – formerly known as the Budget and Control Board – because of his position as the Senate Finance chairman. Among other things, the SFAA will be able to authorize the sale of state bonds for building projects, approve large purchases and sales of real property by state agencies, and manage state procurement services. Leatherman also serves as the Joint Bond Review Committee chairman.

As Senate president pro tempore, Leatherman can serve on or appoint members to at least 29 state boards, commissions or committees, including 20 panels that aren’t listed in state records as being related to his chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee, The Nerve’s review found.

Secretary of State records list a total of 64 current board, commission or committee positions connected to the Senate president pro tempore compared to a collective 27 seats related to the Senate Finance chairman, The Nerve’s review found.

more, much more at the link above.

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Spartanburg Delegation meeting Monday

Four times a year our county delegation – the house members and senators that represent Spartanburg County – hold public meetings. The next meeting is Monday!

Monday, August 3, 2015 @ 5:30 p.m

These meetings are held in the County Council Chambers.

Was there anything during the last legislative session that happened that you are so pleased with you want to thank your representative? Now’s your chance!

Anything you think could have gone better? Have a chat with your person, explain your viewpoint, offer your thoughts.

Attend these delegation meetings simply because in a representative government, things work much better if you know the people representing you more than just as a phone number or an email address. Show up! Introduce yourself! Develop a conversational relationship at the very least!

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Larry Bradley running for School Board!

Larry Bradley has something to share!

I’m announcing my candidacy for Spartanburg County school board district 5. I have petitions and am collecting signatures from registered voters in school board district 5-3 in order to get my name placed on the ballot. Friends who live in school board district 5-3, please contact me. I appreciate your support!

CLICK HERE for Larry’s facebook campaign page

Friends, please “LIKE” Larry’s campaign page and contact him. Say “hi” – encourage him – pray for him – meet up with him to sign the petition – help him gather signatures. THIS IS THE BATTLEFIELD! the public schools.

Don’t sit this one out, it’s an easy pick up if we do what we know how to do, take initiative and don’t falter.

Contact Larry :

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Jeff Duncan posted in Facebook today:

Yesterday, the House passed one of the most important bills of the year, the REINS Act. The REINS Act would fix our broken system of checks and balances by giving Congress a veto on executive orders and new regulations. Right now, it is significantly easier to issue an executive order or a new regulation than it is to stop one. That’s just wrong. I’m often asked why President Obama is able to get away with these executive actions. The answer is because the system is broken, and this legislation goes a long way in fixing the problem. Now it’s time for the Senate to act!

This is something we’ve been keeping our eye on for … well … YEARS! Call me jaded … but I don’t hold out a lot of hope for this to actually impact the cesspool of DC.

September 2010 Demint Introduces the REINS Act

September 2011 The REINS Act and Kentucky Beginnings

December 2011 The REINS Act and Lloyd Rogers

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VIDEO: Citizen’s Committee on Firearm Discharge July 2015

Roger Nutt provides this video for us. Thanks Roger!

Reminder these are public meetings, and we’ll post the dates in advance so you can attend. Next meeting is scheduled for August 18th.

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Fox lowers threshold for early debate

Mike Allen reports at

Fox News is opening its 5 p.m. debate to all the announced Republican candidates who fail to make the cut for the Aug. 6 prime-time event, removing a requirement that participants reach at least 1 percent in polling.

The change amounts to an insurance policy for candidates who were in danger of being disqualified from the vital first debate based on low polls – Carly Fiorina, former New York Gov. George Pataki and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

The announcement by Michael Clemente, Fox News Executive Vice President, News, means that all 16 announced candidates will qualify for Cleveland — either the 5 p.m. undercard, or the 9 p.m. main event.

The 9 p.m. debate will include the 10 candidates with the highest average in national polls, as determined by Fox News. The 5 p.m. forum will now include all the rest.

Read more on this story at the link above.

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Tim’s Town Halls

Here’s the schedule for Tim Scott’s Town Hall events with candidates…

Republican Presidential Candidate Town Hall Event Schedule

Exact times and locations for some town halls will be released closer to the day of the event. South Carolinians can RSVP and submit questions today at

August 20 (Thursday), 6PM – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Wofford College, Spartanburg

August 27 (Thursday), 9AM – former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Seawells, 1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia

September 2 (Wednesday), 1PM – former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Newberry Opera House, Newberry

September 7 (Monday), 6PM – Florida Senator Marco Rubio, North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

September 28 (Monday), 9AM – South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Myrtle Beach

October 24 (Saturday) – former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Charleston

November 6 (Friday) – Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Rock Hill

November 13 (Friday)– Dr. Ben Carson, Bob Jones University, Greenville

November 20 (Friday)– Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Lexington County

December 7 (Monday) – Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Greenville

Scott has already hosted Governor Mike Huckabee and will continue working to schedule dates with the other candidates.

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Much as some would like to think “Ohhhhhhh!!!!” this will likely be as unsuccessful as other attempts.

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart reports:

Yet another rebellion against Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)35%
is brewing among Republicans in the House of Representatives, and has now burst into public view.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)96%
has filed a motion aimed at unseating Boehner immediately as Speaker of the House.

“Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) has filed a motion to try to force Speaker John Boehner from his leadership post,” Politico wrote in a breaking news alert. “The move, called a motion to vacate the chair, represents a new level of opposition to GOP leadership from the conservative wing of the House Republican Conference. The motion can be postponed for several days before consideration.”

It’s unclear if this will be successful, but over the past few years there have been two major coup attempts at Boehner. Both were unsuccessful—but extraordinarily close to succeeding—and centered around plays at the beginning of this Congress and the beginning of the last Congress.

This move will focus on centering around a different strategy, and it all comes after Boehner’s leadership team unsuccessfully attempted retaliation against Meadows for opposing Obamatrade. They had tried to pull a subcommittee chairmanship from Meadows—and did so, but then reversed themselves under enormous pressure from the GOP conference and the American people, turning Meadows into a conservative movement hero of sorts.

Click the link above for the rest of the article INCLUDING a copy of the motion itself.

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Heritage Action Candidate Forum Greenville September 18

You may remember we posted about this event in May


Bon Secours Wellness Arena
650 North Academy Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 241-3800
Arena Map


Friday, September 18, 2015

3:00 p.m. Doors Open
Expo Opens in arena concourse
Visit Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action displays, press row, and food concessions

4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Heritage Action Candidate Forum

I now have registration information for you!

CLICK HERE for free registration.

Hope to see you there!

and CLICK HERE for MORE event details.

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Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Fish Fry September 25

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office will be holding a Fish Fry and Gun Raffle on Sept 25, 2015 from 11-2pm at the Sheriff’s Office – 8045 Howard Street, Spartanburg.

If you are interested in purchasing a plate or a raffle ticket you can do so at the Front Desk of the Sheriff’s Office. All proceeds go to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Benevolent Fund. The gun is a Smith & Wesson MP 15 Sport 5.56 Nato Caliber. A background check and all Federal and State Firearm Laws are applicable to the winner of the raffle.

$7.00 Plate
$10.00 Raffle ticket

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