I did not see this coming, didn’t see any news lead up to this decision. Pretty thought provoking.

The Washington Standard reports:

Monday was a wonderful day in court for conservatives and pro-lifers across the nation. Federal judge Richard Leon handed down his ruling on Monday, permanently prohibiting the federal government from forcing its Obamacare abortion-pill mandate on any pro-life organization – regardless of its religious beliefs.

Up until this decision the Obama administration had argued that any organization that was not a church or religious organization could be forced to offer abortifacients and other contraceptives through their health care plans. However, Judge Richard Leon disagreed.

Judge Leon found that an organization’s moral objections (religious or otherwise) were enough to keep the government from forcing certain Obamacare provisions on them.

As I’m reading it, this Judge ruled that not only are religious convictions enough to protect people from healthcare provisions for abortifacients, but that if the mission of an organization is anti-abortion, REGARDLESS of any religious sentiment, that alone shields the organization from having to comply.

This is really interesting. but … will anything come of it big picture?

Read more at the link above.

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Community Build for Cleveland Park Playground!

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Legislators warn DHEC not to grant permit for Lexington sewage treatment facility

WE posted about this raw sewage dump recently.

South Carolina Radio Network has an important update:

Midlands legislators are urging South Carolina’s environmental agency not to grant a critical permit for a Lexington sewage treatment facility that discharges into a river just upstream from Columbia’s riverfront.

A bipartisan group of Richland and Lexington County lawmakers held a press conference Monday against Carolina Water Services’ discharge permit. The company is seeking approval from the state Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to continue treated wastewater discharges into the Saluda River, but conservation groups (most notably the Congaree Riverkeeper organization) have organized public opposition to the permit, citing dozens of violations for Carolinas and its parent company Utilities, Inc., the last 20 years.

On Monday, the group of lawmakers noted DHEC had initially ordered the small facility to connect with a regional wastewater network. But negotiations between the company and the town of Lexington have not reached an agreement. CWS’s permit expired years ago, but regulators have allowed it to continue operating while they deal with a large backlog at the agency.

“What you see is both sides of the aisle, both sides of this river, coming together to speak with one voice: to say no,” State Rep. James Smith, D-Columbia, said.

Earlier this year, DHEC proposed a new permit with tougher discharge standards. But opponents say the changes are not enough, with nearly 300 people attending a hearing last week to show their displeasure.

Legislators are insistent that, if regulators do allow the permit, they will try to reverse the decision in next year’s legislative session.

We’ll keep an eye on this.

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Lee Bright Calls for Open Hearing on Refugee Relocation

From his website:

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Lee Bright
Spartanburg, S.C. – In a statement issued Monday morning, State Senator Lee Bright addressed the controversial refugee relocation program, which is a US State Department initiative that has drawn heavy criticism from the Spartanburg community. While Governor Haley has come out in support of this program, Senator Bright has called for an open hearing so that the full impact of this initiative can be thoroughly reviewed.

“Our own FBI stated that we do not have the capability to properly vet refugees from failed states like Syria, so why should we expose our communities to this unnecessary risk?” Bright asked. “At the very least, taxpayers should be made aware of how this refugee resettlement will impact our schools, law enforcement efforts and overall safety. We certainly want to provide aid and comfort to those in need, regardless of where they come from, but this assistance should be granted in a responsible and transparent fashion.”

Bright continued, “As we’ve seen from other relocation programs, terrorists are able to take advantage of the ‘refugee’ status and pose a threat to the host community. This is not a risk that should be taken lightly, and I call on Governor Haley to allow open hearings so that this risk can be carefully examined.”


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John Schafer of GRA has questions for Anne Richard re: refugees

John Schafer of the Grandparents Rights Association, who deals all the time with South Carolina’s DSS has a few questions for Asst Sec of State Richards. His letter was added to the official package of documents as an attachment, so it is part of the exhibit list.

Anne Richard, Assistant Secretary of State.
Dear Ms. Richard:

GRAUSA is vitally concerned with the welfare of all children, and here in South Carolina, especially those who are under the custody or supervision of DSS. I am sure you are aware, DSS is currently under intense investigation and has been overloaded with already existing caseloads for several years. With this in mind, I have several questions:

As I understand it, DSS will have to take on additional clients as a result of these refugees being imported to South Carolina. Knowing that DSS case workers are already overloaded, how you think they will have the time to take on these new cases?

The South Carolina General Assembly has provided funding to hire additional case workers who, according to DSS, will only help alleviate the current overload. This would lead one to believe the General Assembly is about to be asked for even more funding for even more case workers to handle the influx of refugees. How do you propose that funding be provided? Is the Federal Government going to do that, or will this be another one of those unfunded mandates?

Why is it, there has been no publicity, or other public notice about these refugees being imported? It would seem to me, the citizens of South Carolina should have the right to voice their opinion, especially in light of numerous recent events.

What guarantee will you give the people of South Carolina, or any other state refugees are sent to, these actions will not negatively impact our families or children? You propose to further overload, an already insanely overloaded system. How will that NOT negatively impact our families and children?

Respectfully, and Best Regards,
John Schafer – Director
Grandparents Rights Association of the United States of America
(864) 855-3860

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Hillsdale College FREE online Constitution Class!

This is a great offer, I hope many of you will take advantage of this course. People who I know who have gone through Hillsdale courses say they are exceptional.

The U.S. Constitution is the key to securing liberty for all Americans — yet very few know exactly what it says and what freedoms it protects. Hillsdale College is working to make 2015 the “Year of the Constitution,” dedicating this year to educating millions of Americans about this critical document. That’s why the College is offering its most popular course, “Constitution 101″ for free, when you sign up now.

Understand the Constitution like never before – for FREE

Hillsdale’s course, Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution, features the same professors who teach this course on Hillsdale College’s campus. Hillsdale is one of the only colleges in America — outside of the military academies — that requires every student to take a course on the Constitution to graduate.

The course is delivered via email, with one lesson per week for 10 weeks. Each lesson features lively teaching and discussion boards, suggested readings, weekly quizzes, and more.

CLICK HERE to sign up! Let us know how you are enjoying it, and what you are learning!

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Cease and Desist Letter to Asst Sec Ann Richards from Michelle Wiles re: refugees in Spartanburg

Michelle Wiles has gotten quite serious about the refugee situation here in Spartanburg. Please read this letter from her attorney (sorry about the spacing).

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Letter to the Editor: Refugee resettlement

Glenda Brady with a Letter to the Editor in Sunday SHJ:

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with Ann Richard, assistant secretary of state, and a few members of the community to learn more about the refugee resettlement into Spartanburg. Assistant Secretary Richard informed the group that refugees are sent to communities that want to accept them.

According to Ms. Richard, refugees are selected for the program through CARE, Save the Children, the International Medical Core or the U.N. Protection Agency. The refugees are vetted through the Department of Homeland Security, which ultimately decides who gets to come to our country. To date, there are 23 refugees in Spartanburg County with more due before the end of the year.

From what I understood from the meeting, Spartanburg County Council has little to no say-so in the program. While Ms. Richard has met with County Council and now a select few members of the community, there needs to be a countywide public meeting concerning the resettlement of these people. According to Ms. Richard, Spartanburg needs to talk to its neighbors about this resettlement as the program is a success and there are people in the community who want the resettlement to be in Spartanburg.

Our community is full of Christian people who share a love for people who need help, but we walk a fine line between helping others and taking care of our own. I say, let’s have a public meeting and not have what I feel is a minority of the people decide what is best for Spartanburg.

Glenda Q. Brady


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Area Performance Planning – First Two Meetings

Spartanburg County is on the verge of making some big decisions about area planning. Of course, this affects everyone … families, businesses, schools. There have already been two meetings, and I’ve posted the videos for you previously, thanks to Roger Nutt.

Here is the presentation from the kick off meeting.


and from the most recent meeting


There is a LOT of information in those two presentations, please take advantage of Roger’s videos and these presentations to keep up with what’s happening. You can visit the Area Performance Planning website anytime at www.spartanburgcountyapp.org

I think these meetings are open to the public, I am not exactly sure how to get on an email list for notification of these meetings.

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Senator Tim Scott Field Hearing on Biomedical Research Sept 2 at Clemson

Senator Tim Scott – Field Hearing on Biomedical Research

The following is an e-mail from Susan Aiken, Regional Director for Senator Tim Scott, announcing that Senator Scott will be hosting a field hearing on Aging in South Carolina: “Biomedical Research in the Palmetto State” at Clemson University on Wednesday, September 2nd at 10:00 AM.

Would you please forward this to your friends, club membership and any others who might be interested. U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), U.S. Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Jeff Duncan will all be present. Parking is available at the Madren Center with a shuttle running back and forth starting at 9 a.m.

The hearing will last one hour and there are four witnesses who will give testimony.
This is a great opportunity to see how a hearing is conducted.


MEDIA ADVISORY: Senator Scott to Host Field Hearing on Biomedical Research at Clemson University

Greenville, SC – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), member of the United States Special Committee on Aging, will host a field hearing titled, “Aging in South Carolina: Biomedical Research in the Palmetto State,” on Wednesday, September 2nd. This Aging Committee Field Hearing will highlight cutting-edge biomedical research currently underway in South Carolina and its importance to the Palmetto State. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), also a member of the Special Committee on Aging, will be in attendance.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
WHO: U.S. Senator Tim Scott and the United States Special Committee on Aging
WHAT: Field Hearing, “Aging in South Carolina: Biomedical Research in the Palmetto State
WHEN: Sept. 2nd at 10:00AM
WHERE: Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson University
230 Kappa St.
Clemson, SC 29634

This hearing is being held in honor of Congressman Jeff Duncan’s father, John T. Duncan, who died of Alzheimer’s disease.

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